Using your PWC in the winter months can be fun, challenging, rewarding and very cold!  While others are wrapped up nice and cozy in front of the TV and dreaming of spring-time what's to stop you wrapping up inside your drysuit and blasting away the off season lethargy with your buddies!

Give special thought to the clothing you wear under the drysuit.  Choose materials that will wick moisture away from the body and are quick drying in case of your suit developing a small leak.  Steer clear of cotton for these reasons.

Most prefer to wear thermals, and and a fleecy all in one under-suit (wooly bear).


The hardier soul's wear steamers (winter wetsuits, usually 5mm neoprene). 


Kit carried on PWC


"This is the normal kit I carry in the stowage area of my pwc:

  • Fire extinguisher (in compartment)

  • Mini Flare pack, ensure in date

  • Knife

  • Bag Anchor

  • Tool kit & torch

  • Spark plugs, WD40

  • First Aid kit

  • Survival bag

The tools and spark plugs are kept in a waterproof container.  I have the 1st aid kit also in waterproof container.

All the above listed are always onboard.

In addition to the above items I carry mobile phone and money in waterproof case, dry bag for a towel and sweatshirt/fleece," Duncan.